• Studio Rental Info

    We are considering opening our space for RENTAL and need your support to keep us ALIVE!
    Rent the studio for personal use.
    Run a movement, dance, yoga, pilates, barre or meditation class
    Host a workshop
    Have monthly recurring event, a series of courses or a weekend-long course
    Host an open mic or musical gig or dance party
    Hire one of our teachers to guide you and your friends through a class
    Use our space for a market or speaking event
    Have a movie night and rent our projector and screen!
    Anything is possible.

    Metta Moves

    Studio Rental Fees


    This pricing is to rent the studio for your own personal use.

    We ask that you include set-up and take-down time into your initial booking.

    Please send all requests to book to studiomanager@mettamoves.ca.


    Hourly Breakdown.

    We are required to charge HST


    A 45 minute class is a 1 hour rental $20 + HST = $22.60

    A 1 hour class is a 1.5 hour rental $25 + HST = $28.25

    A 1.5 hour class is a 2 hour rental $40 + HST = $45.20

    A 2 hour class is a 2.5 hour rental $50 + HST = $56.50

    A 3 hour class or workshop is a 3.5 hour rental $70 + HST = $79.10

    A 4 hour class or workshop is a 4.5 hour rental $90 + HST = $101.70

    A ½ day is 5 hours $120 + HST = $135.60

    A Full day is 9 hour $200 + HST = $226.00

    A Weekend $500 + HST = $565


    To secure your rental you must sign the rental agreement and pay the full amount. Please send etransfer payments to: janet@mettamoves.ca


    We no longer provide props for your classes, except plastic folding chairs


    Email or verbal discussions about dates and workshops are not confirmed until you have signed a contract and paid the deposits.


    The studio has WIFI and two speakers as well as a male and female changeroom, two bathrooms and a shower.


    We prefer no food or drinks in the studio, but if you do consume them then we kindly ask that you use the broom or vacuum and clean up after your class to avoid mice or a mess for the next rental should we not be able to clean up between the classes.


    You MUST provide METTA a copy of your personal liability insurance.


    This rental does not include any ticket sales, graphic design or posters.

    You are renting the studio for your personal use.

    If you tag us on Instagram Stories we will repost.

    If you add us as co-hosts on Facebook we will accept.


    You are provided with one 8.5X11 space to hang a poster on the front entrance.



    Team Metta


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