• Our Mission Statement

    All those who walk through our doors, past, present and future, will be welcome with open arms to our family, and will be treated with the heartfelt respect and unconditional love that all living beings on this planet deserve.
    Originally we opened as a Drop-In studio but transformed into a rental-based facility with those that share our mission! 

    The Metta Movement and Meditation Studio devotes itself to bringing the genuine elation of authentic, natural movement, along with the joyful bliss of mindful meditation, to the people of Hintonburg and beyond. The Studio celebrates the human body and the human mind in all their perfect imperfection, and strives to spread knowledge of the endless possibilities that exist to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of its members. The Studio is committed to creating a safe space of non-judgement, non-discrimination and non-violence, where the practice of spreading loving kindness can flourish.


    Our studio's namesake, the Metta Meditation, is one of the most beloved meditation practices in the world.

    Meditation class

    Metta is commonly translated as loving-kindness, benevolence or goodwill. It is the practice of wishing good health, tenderness, happiness and well-being on yourself and others.


    We chose this name for the studio because we believe that compassion is an important part of overall health and wellbeing, and is as important to practice in the stillness of a meditation.

    Practice your very own Metta meditation, wherever you are right now!

    STEP 1

    Choose someone or an idea that resonates with you today.


    • Your own self
    • A friend
    • A mentor
    • A neighbour
    • A child
    • An elder
    • Your family
    • Your community
    • The whole wide world!

    STEP 2

    Hold your chosen person or idea gently in your mind.


    Now, repeat the following phrases:


    May I/they be free from danger


    May l/they be happy


    May I/they be healthy


    May I/they live with ease